Movement Disorders

Care for Movement Disorders at Our Bethel Park, PA Neurology Clinic

There are a large variety of movement disorders, conditions that can affect your motor function and coordination. The majority of these disorders have a neurologic cause, and Dr. Ausi can provide expert evaluation and treatment for these conditions.

Here is a partial list of movement disorders we treat at Neurology Specialists of Greater Pittsburgh:

  • Ataxia – difficulties with walking due to discoordination, weakness, or balance problems
  • Dystonia – uncontrolled muscle contraction caused by disease, medication, or trauma
  • Essential Tremor – one of the most common movement disorders
  • Huntington Disease – a genetic neurologic disorder characterized by motor problems and other symptoms
  • Parkinson’s Disease – a severe and progressive neurological condition associated with motor problems

For help with the problems above or any movement disorder, please get in touch with our office by calling (412) 477-0245 now.