Parkinson’s Disease

Definitive Diagnosis and Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease at Neurology Specialists of Greater Pittsburgh in Bethel Park, PA

Parkinson’s disease is a genetic, progressive neurological disorder. Patients with Parkinson’s suffer the loss of specific brain cells that produce dopamine, a crucial neurotransmitter. Symptoms usually begin with a localized tremor, loss of facial expression, or speech difficulties. Over time, these symptoms can progress to trouble walking and the inability to perform involuntary movements.

Parkinson’s is more likely to affect men than women. Most patients with Parkinson’s are older, although the disease does rarely afflict the young.

There is no single absolute test for Parkinson’s disease. Instead, it takes a skilled and experienced neurologist to form a diagnosis based on symptoms and your medical history. Treatment is available for Parkinson’s disease, and the sooner therapy begins, the better the outcome. If you have Parkinson’s or any movement disorder, please get in touch with Neurology Specialists of Greater Pittsburgh at (412) 477-0245 right away.